About me

my name is Luigi and I am the guy behind this website.

I have been playing with  keyboards and digital audio workstation (DAW) systems since I was a child. My first DAW (on a budget!) was based on a Intel 486dx2 machine, equipped with a wopping 16 Mbytes of memory, a SoundBlaster32 and a Midi-to-Joystick cable for midi in/out! Maybe I still have some pieces of it somewhere…

Well, DAWs and sound design technology have evolved really a lot, and I have enjoyed all the steps.

In my home studio I am currently running a few modern multi-core PCs, with several DAWs on them, high-quality low latency audio interfaces and quite a good number of hardware gear and software plugins (too long to be listed here!). I have been using these tools for a very long time, and I carefully choose only those that make the difference in the mix.

And here we are: I have recollectet my latest project  done in these years, polished and revamped them with the latest top-quality gear. I have spent hours tweaking each knob and trying to get a perfect sound, and I have finally created the libraries you can find in my Shop. Don’t miss the Free libraries, by the way!

I hope you enjoy these sounds as much as I do, and that they can improve your next game (console, mobile, PC, whatever) or your next song. Please CONTACT ME  directly if you need some change or some custom sound, and please, let me know where you are using these sounds!

I hope you a nice and inspiring day!